5 reasons to use a compact camera for nightclub photography

5 reasons to use a compact camera for nightclub photography

There are many valid reasons why an SLR is the preferred tool for many nightlife photographers but compact cameras also have a place on the dancefloor.

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The animals of Merrimaking HQ

Merrimaking is a fresh fashion label that incorporates everything fun into their truly unique designs (link). Last weekend Jen and I stayed at home of one of Merrimaking's founders, Meg with her fiancée Lucy, Nelly the cat, the 4 dogs; Tomboy, Lola, Nev and Dexter and their rat. The fun side of the business is synonymous with the lifestyle that Meg and Lucy live. There is never a dull or quiet moment in their colourful house and with their amazing pets. 

Tomboy takes a nap from the chaos.

Nelly on her throne.


Lola and Nev.

Nev loves to play.

Dexter and Tomboy.

Nev, Lola and Dexter.

No animals in this one but I couldn't resist sharing it. Selfportrait wallpaper and a glitter ball in the bathroom at Merrimaking HQ.

Winter is coming - Heaton, Newcastle

The days are getting shorter and the light fades fast. Even as I leave work the sky above tells me that I've already missed the sun set. The golden hour is long past. Still, I like to carry my camera with me when I walk the dog once I get back home.

Jen and Lola walking in Heaton.

Jen and Lola walking in Heaton.

Streetlights are often the only available sources of light in the back streets, highlighting areas of interest in their immediate vicinity, bathing them with a warm glow. Quite the contrast to how it actually feels. Winter is definitely on its way.