Low Light

Winter is coming - Heaton, Newcastle

The days are getting shorter and the light fades fast. Even as I leave work the sky above tells me that I've already missed the sun set. The golden hour is long past. Still, I like to carry my camera with me when I walk the dog once I get back home.

Jen and Lola walking in Heaton.

Jen and Lola walking in Heaton.

Streetlights are often the only available sources of light in the back streets, highlighting areas of interest in their immediate vicinity, bathing them with a warm glow. Quite the contrast to how it actually feels. Winter is definitely on its way.  

The neon lights of Oxford Street

Even after the sun sets, Europe's busiest shopping street is buzzing with activity. Stores open till late and the streets are filled with people. 

As I joined the crowds, my attention was drawn to the bright neon lights that independent street stores had adorned their stands with. In the daylight I would imagine that these stores would go relatively unnoticed but in the dusk, they shone like beacons, enticing consumers to take a closer look.