Museum of Natural History, London

On our way back to Newcastle, Jen and I had a couple of hours to burn in London so we went to the Natural History Museum. What an awesome place! 

The fossilised skeleton of a Diplodocus in the grand Hintze Hall. Natural History Museum, London.

Its been about 2 years since we last visited to see Dr. Gunther von Hagens' BODY WORLDS: Animal Inside Out exhibition which was just incredible. But at the time we didn't have an opportunity to have a look around the permanent exhibitions.

During this visit we managed to see the birds, mammals and the breathtakingly massive whales.

A taxidermy ostrich waiting, along with other birds in a display case to be curated.

We also watched a couple of short films in the lecture theatres. The first was Nature through the lens which documented key breakthroughs in wildlife film-making over the past 100 years which I really enjoyed and appreciated as a photographer. The second film was David Attenborough: Life on Camera, which covered some of Attenborough's many achievements and clips of his best bits. It is amazing to see what he has experienced and his dedication to the field is such an inspiration. 

The animals of Merrimaking HQ

Merrimaking is a fresh fashion label that incorporates everything fun into their truly unique designs (link). Last weekend Jen and I stayed at home of one of Merrimaking's founders, Meg with her fiancée Lucy, Nelly the cat, the 4 dogs; Tomboy, Lola, Nev and Dexter and their rat. The fun side of the business is synonymous with the lifestyle that Meg and Lucy live. There is never a dull or quiet moment in their colourful house and with their amazing pets. 

Tomboy takes a nap from the chaos.

Nelly on her throne.


Lola and Nev.

Nev loves to play.

Dexter and Tomboy.

Nev, Lola and Dexter.

No animals in this one but I couldn't resist sharing it. Selfportrait wallpaper and a glitter ball in the bathroom at Merrimaking HQ.