The animals of Merrimaking HQ

Merrimaking is a fresh fashion label that incorporates everything fun into their truly unique designs (link). Last weekend Jen and I stayed at home of one of Merrimaking's founders, Meg with her fiancée Lucy, Nelly the cat, the 4 dogs; Tomboy, Lola, Nev and Dexter and their rat. The fun side of the business is synonymous with the lifestyle that Meg and Lucy live. There is never a dull or quiet moment in their colourful house and with their amazing pets. 

Tomboy takes a nap from the chaos.

Nelly on her throne.


Lola and Nev.

Nev loves to play.

Dexter and Tomboy.

Nev, Lola and Dexter.

No animals in this one but I couldn't resist sharing it. Selfportrait wallpaper and a glitter ball in the bathroom at Merrimaking HQ.