Museum of Natural History, London

On our way back to Newcastle, Jen and I had a couple of hours to burn in London so we went to the Natural History Museum. What an awesome place! 

The fossilised skeleton of a Diplodocus in the grand Hintze Hall. Natural History Museum, London.

Its been about 2 years since we last visited to see Dr. Gunther von Hagens' BODY WORLDS: Animal Inside Out exhibition which was just incredible. But at the time we didn't have an opportunity to have a look around the permanent exhibitions.

During this visit we managed to see the birds, mammals and the breathtakingly massive whales.

A taxidermy ostrich waiting, along with other birds in a display case to be curated.

We also watched a couple of short films in the lecture theatres. The first was Nature through the lens which documented key breakthroughs in wildlife film-making over the past 100 years which I really enjoyed and appreciated as a photographer. The second film was David Attenborough: Life on Camera, which covered some of Attenborough's many achievements and clips of his best bits. It is amazing to see what he has experienced and his dedication to the field is such an inspiration. 

World Press Photo 2014. Not just for photographers.

I wanted to make the most of my short weekend in the capital, attempting to divide my time between catching up with friends, photography exhibitions and wandering the streets of London whilst taking photos whenever I saw anything that caught my eye.

The exhibition of the 57th World Press Photo Contest opened it doors featuring work from some of the worlds best photojournalists, covering incredible stories. 

The exhibited work here is Toxic Beauty by Kacper Kowalski.

Some stories you might have heard on the news others have been covered by the media to a lesser extent but the images here really bring those stories to life. It amazed me that in many cases the photographers were essentially putting their lives on the line to capture these moments for the world to see.

I urge anyone who has the opportunity, to visit the show and give it the time that it deserves. 

If you are in or around London, the World Press Photo 2014 exhibition is on at the Royal Theatre on the South Bank until Wednesday 26 November. Entry is free.

If you don’t have a chance to go to the show you can view all the winning entries at

Post #1 - Show Your Work

I'm currently on a train going from London to Newcastle after visiting Ben for the weekend. Ben is a fan of writer Austin Kleon and has lent me his copy of 'Show your work!'.


It's all about sharing creativity on the Internet via social media. 

The book has been boiled down to 10 main points such as 'Think process, not product.' and 'Share something small every day.', which are expanded on with the help of hand drawn diagrams and scribbles. The content is simple and just makes a lot of sense.

I've been posting work on tumblr and Instagram for a couple of years now and I've enjoyed putting things out there with the possibility that it might be seen.

But all social networks fall in and out of fashion. It would be devastating if one day the plug was pulled on tumblr or Instagram and everything was lost in a moment. 

So here I am. On my own little bit of Internet real estate. A blog that I can control and keep for myself. 

You should be able to find me on here from now on.