Newsbox. Chillingham Road, Newcastle

I've probably passed this independent convenience store hundreds of times since I moved to Newcastle six years ago. It's located on Chillingham Road, the main commercial street that runs through the residential suburb of Heaton. 

It must be a tough existence on Chillingham Road since there is competiton everywhere. An abundance of chip shops, convenience stores and take aways line the long stretch of road. As a result, I've never actually stepped foot into Newsbox before. It's just one of those stores that have ever attracted me before. Perhaps I'm a sucker for corporate marketing. 

Despite being familiar with the store front, I have never felt compelled to take a photo of Newsbox before. But for some reason this evening, it caught my eye. Maybe it was the bright signs glowing in the dusk of the autumn evening or the way the light gleamed off the wet pavement.

I was lucky not to have to wait long at all for someone to come out of the store and I took a couple of frames before heading on my way.

It's funny how sometimes don't see what's been right in front of you all along.