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Optical Finders for Sale

It's time for me to start reducing the amount of gear that I have that I rarely use. Back when I was using my Ricoh GR a lot more for street photography I frequently paired it with an optical viewfinder. I enjoy composing with a viewfinder rather than through a screen because I feel that it puts you a little closer to the action and I could feel more connected to the scene.

I've moved away from the genre of street photography and these finders are just sat in a box no longer being used.

They're all being modelled on the Ricoh GR which is not included in the sale.
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Voigtlander 35mm Brightline Optical Finder

The Rolls Royce of hotshoe optical viewfinders. 
Crystal clear optics with very bright 35mm frame lines. 
Solid metal construction with build quality you'd expect from Japan, this thing is built like a tank. 


Diax 35mm Optical View Finder with Original Leather Case

The viewfinder is in great condition. Metal construction, clear optics and bright 35mm frame lines. This model features parallax compensation by rotating the rear element. 

The original leather case has a broken strap but otherwise in good condition. 


Voigtlander Kontur 24x36 35mm Finder with Original Leather Case

Voigtlander Kontur 24x36 35mm optical view finder. 

The condition of the finder is good, there are a couple of marks. 
The original leather case has a couple of scuffs. 

It is intended to be used with both eyes open, with the finder only projecting a set of framelines onto the view of the subject seen by the unobstructed eye. I've found it brilliant for street photography since it allows you to see everything outside the frame. 

Model 335/23 has 50mm frame lines for 35mm cameras.